BlueKudu is a maker of gourmet cannabis edibles in Colorado. Available in over 75% of Colorado dispensaries, BlueKudu is recognized for reliable and accurate dosing, high-quality ingredients and superior flavor. The main message BlueKudu seeks to convey: BlueKudu is a brand of integrity and quality that makes consumer safety and consistent dosing a top priority. 

In the competitive and crowded marketplace of cannabis products it is hard to stand out. BlueKudu wanted national brand awareness, but with products only available in Colorado, garnering the interest of out-of-state and national media outlets can be a challenge. Prior to hiring a PR team BlueKudu only had a handful of article mentions.

An upcoming Colorado regulation change provided the perfect opportunity to stand out. New regulations enacted October 1, 2016, required a new THC Universal Symbol to appear on all cannabis-infused edibles. The new rule had been met largely with disdain by industry members who saw it as a burdensome expense.

BlueKudu saw it as a positive opportunity for the cannabis industry to build greater public trust and thought further changes could be implemented to improve the safety and wellbeing of consumers and families. To make this message interesting and personable to the media, a bylined blog (ghostwritten by GKC PR) from BlueKudu’s CEO detailed the costs and changes BlueKudu incurred as a result of the regulation as well as several suggestions to improve consumer safety moving forward. We also contracted a professional photographer to take pictures of BlueKudu products with the new Universal Symbol. Extensive media outreach was then conducted to local, national and industry media outlets to share the blog and hi-res photo library just days prior to the implementation of the Oct 1 regulation.

Media outreach with the thought leadership blog to local and national media influencers was an incredible success. Roughly 80+ media placements resulted in newspapers, online magazines, news websites, television, radio, and newsletters. Placements ranged from syndications of the BlueKudu blog, syndications of news articles with BlueKudu quotes and/or photos and bylined articles by BlueKudu. Five AP photos with Blue Kudu products and the CEO syndicated, placing BlueKudu’s product front and center. In addition to a landslide of press coverage, BlueKudu also established countless positive relationships with media influencers. Examples of press coverage include:

  • Local: The Denver Post, The Cannabist, Westword, 303 Magazine, FOX Denver, KOA News Radio, Colorado Public Radio
  • National: Associated Press, AOL, Business Insider, USA Today, VICE, CNBC, Yahoo!, ABC News, FOX News, Washington Post, US News & World Report, Daily Mail
  • Industry: High Times, Civilized, Merry Jane, MG, Leafly, MJ Biz Daily, New Cannabis Ventures, The KIND, Weed Week, Cannabis Daily Record

Media Metrics:

  • Potential Online Reach: 8.56B
  • Campaign Impressions: 4.33M
  • Social Media Shares: 182K
  • Hyperlinks to BK Website: 24
  • Mentions of BlueKudu: 130
  • Photos of BlueKudu: 85