Gina Kremer Cannon

Valuable Experience. Superior Service. Proven Results.

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Gina is a dynamic professional with more than 15 years of public relations and communications strategy experience. Her work includes creating and executing communications plans, procuring national and local media coverage, and providing strategic communications counsel. Over the years, Gina has mastered the unique ability to create compelling stories that engage target publics, influencers, and media outlets.

She has worked with a wide variety of companies ranging from national brands to startups, with clients spanning multiple sectors including healthcare, consumer/food products, technology, entertainment, cannabis, lifestyle, dining, travel, business, law, and non-profit.

She started her career by working her way up in Chicago’s public relations agency world. She gained broad experience at Weber Shandwick where she served as a national spokesperson for “got milk?” and worked on several consumer accounts before pursuing an opportunity with a startup PR agency. There she got her feet wet creating and executing PR campaigns as well as managing client relations and new business development.

In 2007, she made the leap to entrepreneur and has been working as a consultant ever since. She thinks it’s been an exciting career ride so far and one that has offered many unique experiences – cheering in the pit of an IndyCar race, coordinating interviews at an international gourmet food convention, working the front lines of a BBQ cookoff, observing the inner workings of an embryology laboratory and being in charge of a PR campaign for a non-profit event with Bill Clinton.

She enjoys working with her own clients (believe it or not, her first client is still a client) as well as collaborating with other agencies and consultants. (Curious what her clients have to say about her? Read 32 Testimonials regarding her work.) Her client and PR community relationships have yielded positive business metrics and enduring friendships, both of which she is grateful for.

In 2017, the first year she ever submitted campaigns to be considered for an award, she won a Gold Pick and two Silver Picks from the Public Relations Society of America for her campaigns around events and observances, community relations and marketing consumer products. A Gold Pick is the highest award a campaign can receive at the state PRSA level. She also won a Gold Leaf and was chosen as Agency Project of the Year by Colorado Healthcare Communicators. Her work has also received a merit award from the Illinois Society for Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations.

She lives in Denver with her husband, two boys, and their black lab, Lokke. On the weekends you can find them skiing, cycling or hiking depending on the season.

What do you like about PR?

The constant, never-ending sea of change. It is an exciting and fascinating time for the industry. How we communicate and digest information is evolving at a breakneck pace. An individual at age 50 communicates in a completely different way than someone who is 15. This presents an interesting challenge for companies and brands. Everyone with an internet connection has a voice, and businesses have an enormous responsibility to listen and connect with their audience in multiple ways.


How did you find yourself in PR?

At 16, I was given a chart of career paths with corresponding skill sets. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had always loved writing (my first poem was published in the school paper at 10) and was always getting in trouble for talking on the phone. When I found public relations on the career chart, it listed communication and writing as the two main skill sets. I knew I had found my path. I scoured universities for public relations programs and settled on Marquette University in Milwaukee. The rest is history!


The craziest thing you’ve done?

After three years of working on my own in Chicago, I left it all behind and hiked solo for 1,400 miles on the Appalachian Trail. I was a city girl with no outdoors or hiking experience. In fact, I was a Girl Scout dropout and sleeping in the woods terrified me. But I persevered and  it was the experience of a lifetime. “My Own Two Feet,” a story about the first week of my journey, was published in “A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women’s Travel” this past November. After the hike I knew the mountains were home so I moved to Colorado.