Public Relations

The right public relations plan attracts more business, which translates into higher revenues. We provide an integrated PR approach to help you build your brand and grow your business.

Media Training

We’ve been on camera countless times, and can transfer that knowledge to you. Through professional media training we can teach you the tricks to guide an interview, plug your message and engage your interviewer.

Content Marketing

Professional web content is one of the best ways to grow your online presence — and ultimately your business. We create engaging copy that will attract new visitors and increase revenue.

News Coverage

Do you want to enhance credibility and reach your target audience through press coverage? Well you’d better buy a new shirt and get your hair done, because we have the track record in getting clients on the silver screen. (And in newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and on the radio.) Check out our Newsroom.


With 15+ years of experience and 100 clients under her belt, Gina has experienced business success across several different industries. She is passionate about PR and has proven to be a hard-working ally for her clients (and they aren’t afraid to say so.)

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