Dan Nicholson of Head Case with his son Matt.

The Head Case Concussion Management System measures head impacts, provides diagnostic tools to detect potential concussions and recommends local treatment facilities available. Through education and awareness, Head Case aims to prevent traumatic brain injuries and long-term permanent brain damage due to repeated undetected concussions.

Head Case was a startup with limited funds and an infinite amount of work to do – and a product not yet in production. We were faced with the challenge of introducing the concept to the public, creating a brand identity, cultivating a community of future sales opportunities, and building a positive image to attract investors, all without the support of a completed product to share with our target audiences.

We planned a combined approach for the launch utilizing brand messaging, content marketing, public relations, video marketing, social media, branded content and website management.

To focus the brand image and consolidate ideas, we worked with Head Case to select a logo, write a tagline, and articulate brand messaging and key messaging across all channels. Working with their web and brand designers, we developed the website content and ensured implementation. For the video marketing component, we wrote a script, created a shot list, oversaw the shoot and worked with an editor to create the final piece.

Focusing on the growing youth concussion epidemic and the pre-order opportunity of the Head Case Concussion Management System, we launched an extensive national and local public relations campaign. To boost SEO and web presence, we created keyword-friendly web content and implemented content updates to the site. To boost awareness amongst target groups, we wrote several email blasts which distributed to thousands. To build buzz on the web, we connected with key industry influencers on social media to build brand awareness and collaborative business opportunities.

In three months, the Head Case website went from unknown by Google crawlers to ranking 152,000 in the U.S. (smaller number = better rank). Our media outreach secured 5 million impressions from nine media placements including a full-page spread in the Chicago Sun-Times, appearances on ABC Chicago, FOX Chicago, Chicago Public Radio, and Beyond the Cheers; and coverage on Chicago Health Magazine, Chicago NOW, Motherhood Moment, Mom’s Team and several other mommy bloggers and niche websites. The strong brand image created by these efforts boosted private capital efforts, resulting in Head Case securing additional investor funding. Head Case also secured pre-orders for their product several months in advance of product launch.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Gina. Between Gina and her team, there isn’t anything they can’t do. They have provided Head Case with not only their writing skills, but have given us a marketing department, a PR department, strategic direction and more. I simply don’t know what we would have done without them. Since we started Head Case Company, Gina has been the wind in our sails and is worth twice the money we have spent. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone at any company at any time.

Dan Nicholson
Founder, Head Case Company