PDtM Moon SalutesClient:
In one of the largest controlled yoga studies to date, Pulling Down the Moon and Fertility Centers of Illinois analyzed the impact of yoga on anxiety in fertility patients. The results were astounding – anxiety levels in patients dropped up to 20% after a six-week Yoga for Fertility™ program involving 45 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of group discussion once per week.

Each year during the annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine meeting, hundreds of teams are accepted to present their research to the medical community. In addition to private practices conducting media outreach, ASRM independently completes targeted press outreach with several research-related media campaigns during the meeting. ASRM does not share the media attendance list with presenting ASRM members. We would be competing in a very crowded space and would not be given an opportunity to contact attending media directly.

Through targeted, ongoing media research, we found previous and current reporters covering ASRM medical research and contacted them with information on the study. We also conducted extensive media outreach before, during and after the annual event which included study info and a YouTube link to a Pulling Down the Moon yoga class so readers could get started on their own. Targeted pieces of press coverage and study messages were promoted in PDtM and FCI owned media channels such as social media, newsletters, blogs and on their respective websites.

The press loved the study. Yoga became the hot new fertility topic and was positioned as a proven strategy to help achieve pregnancy. In addition to covering the study results, several outlets requested bylined columns for publication, allowing for unique brand journalism opportunities with inbound links. The 20 press placements from the campaign yielded 77.5MM impressions as well as coverage in local, national, industry and women’s interest publications such as Daily Mail, Telegraph, Mirror, The Sun, Yoga Digest, Yoga Weekly, Fertility Planit, Tech Times, Fox Chicago and Radio MD.

Gina and her agency continue to deliver a high return on our investment by truly understanding the vision we have created for our company and then effectively and creatively selling it to the media. They have consistently delivered results and have become a key element in our marketing strategy.

Tami Quinn
Co-Founder, Pulling Down the Moon

The creativity, superb writing and professionalism of the staff are a big part of the energy that drives our company forward. They have aligned with our mission and captured the spirit of our business in a remarkable way. Through Gina and her agency we have built a great public image and strong, lasting relationships with the media.

Beth Heller
Co-Founder, Pulling Down the Moon