To help your business grow.

The right public relations plan attracts more business, which translates into higher revenue. Gina and her team of expert consultants offer personalized, attentive client service without the costly price tag that comes with a large agency. With a vision honed by years of industry experience, we can create a well-rounded public relations program that fits your needs and budget.

We take great care to understand our clients and their business, from the challenges they face to experiences unique only to them. Through research and strategy, we uncover the hidden stories that best communicate your distinct brand and message.

Media Relations
We have built long-term relationships with traditional media outlets in television, radio, magazines and newspapers as well as top bloggers and niche online sites. Press campaigns are effective and well-written, using an integrated promotional strategy through traditional, online and social media. Whether it’s a desk side media tour with target publications, live television appearances or bylined articles your company needs, we can help.

Media Writing
When it comes to media writing, it is critical to be succinct, intriguing and distinct to make an impression. We have written the full gamut of media materials – press releases, bylined articles, branded content, fact sheets, backgrounders, biographies, story ideas, info sheets, FAQ, boilerplates, press kits, pitches and more. Press releases are optimized for SEO, providing additional link value and web traffic to your website.

Story Conceptualization & Journalistic Storytelling
Everyone has a story, but the skill is in knowing how to tell your story in a way that will interest and activate your target audience. We are straight shooters and we know what will and won’t sell. Through thoughtful research, creative thinking and time-tested experience, we think like journalists and get you in the news by conceptualizing and telling stories the media wants.

Media Training
We’ve been on camera countless times, and can transfer that knowledge to you. Through professional media training we can teach you the tricks to guide an interview, plug your message and engage your interviewer.

Content Marketing
Through a marketing strategy of creating and distributing relevant content – both on your own website and other sites – content marketing builds your name and business online. If you want to keep up with the latest search engine algorithms, build search engine optimization (SEO), come up first in online searches and boost web traffic, content marketing is perhaps the most important part of your company’s online marketing strategy. Professionally written, keyword-rich content on your website and blog can do wonders for your Google ranking. Sending out a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters can engage potential customers and keep current customers involved as well.

Event Planning
Applying our creativity and media knowledge, we can work together to create, plan and execute unique events that will grab consumer attention. If you have an upcoming milestone, grand opening, festival, or simply a desire to make an event-based media splash, we can help.

Press & FAM Trips
Press and FAM (familiarization) trips can be a critical component in garnering promotion with influential industry and media contacts. We embody a wealth of experience in creating alluring and effective press trips on a budget.

Crisis Communications
The key to managing your image during a public crisis is to anticipate the problem before it happens. We will create comprehensive campaigns that identify potential crises, formulate responses and put a plan in place should a problem arise.

Social Media
Social media gives your brand a voice, engaging in conversation and communicating to your audience with personality and emotion. The messaging opportunities are endless, and the ways to do so infinite. A business presence in social media is a modern maxim. Our social media program builds relationships with media and consumers through the most powerful social media platforms.